Free version of Scheduler

We're glad you chose to give Scheduler a test drive!
This free version of Scheduler will allow you to learn the basics about the tool and try it yourself. You will be able to enter your own data or use our sample data, as you wish.
What must I do now?
In order for you to test Scheduler, download the app as described here. Then, use your Frotcom credentials. If you are not a Frotcom user and have no credentials, contact your local Frotcom office - check the contacts on our website - and request your credentials for a free demo.
What are the limitations of the free version?
These credentials will allow you to use a free version of Scheduler. The free version allows you to optimize the routes of up to 10 vehicles.
Once you upgrade to the full version, there will be no limit in the number of vehicles you can enter in Scheduler.
Attached to this article you will see a zip with two Excel files and a ".dispscen file" inside. These files are samples that you can import onto Scheduler. They contain an example scenario of routes needing to be optimized. You can also create your own scenarios.
  1. Sample Jobs. xlsx
    Excel file with list of jobs to be optimized.
  2. Sample Master file.xlsx
    Excel file with remaining information required to run the optimization: places for pickup and delivery, vehicles to be used, etc.
  3. Sample Scenario.dispscen
    This file is a scenario already imported from the previous Excel files. You can either Import the the Excel files or simply Open the Scenario file.
Have fun!
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