What is a Job?

A job is a unit of work that can be assigned to a particular vehicle. Jobs come in four different types:

  • Service - Requires the vehicle to travel from its present location to the job location and spend a predetermined amount of time performing a service (maintenance, sales call or other such). Note that this type of job is not constrained by vehicle cargo capacity.
  • Pick-up - The vehicle must travel from its location to the job's and load some goods. The vehicle cargo capacity is now considered as a constraint.
  • Delivery - Same as above but for goods delivery. Both pick-up and delivery job types must be performed by the same vehicle, and a pick-up job must be performed before the respective delivery job.
  • Terminal - This is the optional terminal job that is performed at the end of the day for vehicle returns, or warehouse check-in. Final clearance times may be considered in this type of job.


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