Show trails in Last position and fleet mode views

When Frotcom receives the regular GPS report from the vehicle, it also receives a trail of positions, corresponding to the path executed during the last minute. 

To set up Frotcom so that the trails are shown in Last position and Fleet mode views, go to the Map settings. To know more, click here.

Depending on the type of track position that is configured on the device of each vehicle, the accuracy of the trails might vary. For example, one vehicle which tracking device

For example, one vehicle which tracking device is configured for detailed tracking will have trails represented in a more accurate way. Detailed tracking is an alternative form of visualizing the routes executed by vehicles, in Frotcom. What defines the detailed tracking is the fact that the GPS tracking device in the vehicle collects position information every 2 seconds when the vehicle is moving.

Following is an example of the trails of a vehicle with detailed tracking configuration. The trail is shown in blue:


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