Print map


To print the map that is displayed on your screen, click the Hamburger menu located in the upper right part of the Map screen and select Print map:


After that, the following screen will be displayed to you. Note that you may face different interfaces depending on the operative system that you are using.

After adjusting your preferences (layoutpaper size, etc.) click Print.

This can be useful, for instance, if you want to print and hand out to drivers the routes corresponding to tasks to be executed.

Also in the edition or creation of places/zones in Administration > Areas, it is possible to execute the Print map feature. For that, access the Map folder of the detailed area panel in Administration > Areas, click on the upper right Hamburger menu and select Print map:

After that, the following panel will be displayed to you:

In order to print, perform similarly to what was previously explained for the Print map feature on the Map screen.

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