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There are two situations where it is useful for you to create a Form:

  • When a driver cannot fill in a form in the mobile device, for some reason, and you have to do it directly in the office.
  • When your company does not use mobile devices but you still want to use Frotcom's forms to organize your work. In this case, all drivers communicate with you, by phone, messages or paper support, and you insert the corresponding information by hand in Frotcom.

To add a new Form, go to Interact > Form panel and the following panel will be displayed to you:


Click Add new button, located in the upper-right part of the screen:


After that, the Add form panel will be displayed to you:


It contains the following fields:

Field Description
Form  Dropdown list with all the Forms available for your account. Here you can select the Form type you wish to create.
Vehicle  Vehicle to which the form is related to.
Driver Driver to whom the form is related to. 

The Form and Vehicle fields are mandatory.

After you click Save, the Add form panel is extended with the options of the selected Form type:


Note that just as an example, the Refuelling form type was selected. Therefore, the additional fields depend on the form type selection. After you fill in the form, click Save.


Note that the automatically filled fields, indicated by the icon , are not automatically filled if the form is created and filled in Frotcom web, but when the form is created by the driver via the mobile device.

After you click Save the following confirmation popup is displayed:


The Interact > Panel screen is also updated with the Form you created:

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