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To access the Activity panel of the Job details, enter in the job edition mode and select Activity folder. The following panel will be available to you:

For the example depicted in the previous picture, a Job with one Task is considered. The status of the Job is In progress. I.e. the Job was assigned to a vehicle and the driver has already started to perform the task. On this panel, we are able to understand and track all the modifications of each task of the job corresponding to every workflow step.

The panel contains the following information:

Column Description
Date This is when the workflow of a particular task changed its status. It is the date of the last update.
Duration This is the time duration of each workflow step indicated in the Activity column.
Activity This is the indication of the step of the workflow of the respective task.
Driver This is the identification of the driver which is performing the task.
Job-task This is the identification of the Job (unique ID) and the task. For instance, Job 999000 has 2 tasks. If Frotcom is referring to the first one, it will be displayed 999000 - 1/2. If Frotcom is referring to the second one, 999000 - 2/2.
Form If a particular workflow has a Form associated, it will be displayed the identification of the Form.

By clicking on the blue link under the Job-Task column, you are redirected to the respective Task details panel.

By clicking on the blue link under the Form column, you are redirector to the respective Form details panel.

This information is similar to the one displayed in the Jobs folder of the bottom panel.

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