Administration > Areas - Edit a Place


To edit a Place, go to Administration > Areas panel. After that, you will see the following screen displayed to you:



As tackled here, in the Show filter, you can see the existing PlacesZones or corridors:



To edit an already created Place, select Place from the Show combo box. After that, all the existing places will be displayed. Click on the blue link of the respective place:



After that, the Place details panel will be presented to you:




To see all the existing notes related to a specific Place, click Notebook on the upper right part of the screen:


After that, you will be redirected to the Notebook panel and the Note type of the Notebook filtering options will be defined as Places with the concerning place selected. The remaining filters will adopt the default values. After, if on the Notebook panel, you click Add new to insert a new note, all the fields will be automatically filled according to the place that you previously visited.


Place labels

When you edit a place you can as well define a Label for it:



If you define this field (with a maximum of 100 characters), this label will be displayed at the bottom of the Place infobox, in the Map view of Frotcom:



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