Notebook - Delete note


To delete one specific note, enter the Note details panel and you will see the following screen:


Click Delete:


The following panel will be displayed to you:


Click Yes to confirm your action. After that, you will see the following confirmation pop-up.


In the situation where you do not have permissions to remove the considered note, the Delete button will not be available.


To delete several notes, go to Notebook folder and the following screen will be displayed to you:


Note that the displayed results are the outcome of the filtering options.You can use the filtering options to create a range of notes.

The Delete all functionality will delete all the displayed notes, which are the outcome of the filtering options.

In order to Delete all displayed notes, click Delete all:


If you have permissions to delete all the displayed messages, the Delete visible notes panel will be shown to you:


Click Yes to confirm and the following confirmation message will pop-up:



In case there is at least one note, among all the displayed ones, for which you do not have the necessary permissions to remove, by clicking Delete all, no message will be deleted. As an example, let's focus on the following example:

21.JPG The displayed notes are filtered by the following constraints:

  • Notes not older than 7 days (Last 7 Days)
  • Notes related to Vehicles
  • Notes related to one specific vehicle, which license plate is AO XX-00-00-XX
  • Notes created by All users

The outcome of the filtering action is two notes: one created by the user tutorials_user1 and another created by user tutorials.

Both users can see notes from other users but only user tutorials can edit and delete notes from other users. Due to this permissions, when user tutorials_user1 clicks Delete all, the following happens:


On the other side, if user tutorials_user1 also filters the notes by user (selecting its username), the following will be experienced:


If user tutorials_user1 clicks Delete all, since this user has now edit/removal permissions for all the displayed notes, all the visible notes are deleted.

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