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The filter options of the Notebook screen allow you to filter the displayed note entries:


Besides the Search box, there is the Calendar filter, Note type filter, and User filter:

Filter Description

With the Calendar filter you are able to filter out the notes which were last modified according to the selected recency. For instance, if you wish to see displayed the notes that were last modified within this week, you can select This week option. 


By default, Last 7 days are selected.

Note type

With the Note type filter you are able to fine-tune the displayed results according to the note type of each note. If you want to know more about note type, click here.


By default, All notes type are selected.


In case you have permissions to see other users notes, you can use the User filter to fine-tune the displayed results to be the notes created by one of more users.


By default Select all  (users) option is ticked. You will see all the notes created/modified by the user which you have permissions to see.

In case you select VehicleDriverPlace or Client values for the Note type field, a new filter will be displayed to complement your selection. For instance, if you select Vehicle, the following will be displayed to you:


After you select Vehicle in the Note type filter,  new filter button becomes available (indicated by the red circle in the previous picture) for you to select the vehicle(s) for which the notes are related to.

The same is valid if you select DriversPlaces and Clients, since a new button will appear for you to select the driver, place or client, respectively, for which the notes are related to.

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