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Frotcom Analytics has a Benchmarking feature that allows you to compare several variables that characterize your fleet against the corresponding averages known by Frotcom. As the outcome of the Benchmarking activity, you shall learn how well your fleet performs.

Based on this feature, Frotcom Analytics creates a weekly Benchmark sample report which is made available to you every Monday morning, when you arrive at the office.

If you are interested in receiving this report via email, contact your Frotcom Certified Partner.

This is intended for high-level managers to receive summarized information that reflects the performance of the fleet via key performance indicators. There is no need for any complex software. The report will simply arrive on your email for your convenience.

The report has two indicators: average fuel consumption (if the company does not have fuel information, average mileage indicator will be displayed) and average workload. You will be able to find the results of your fleet (in blue) and the results of similar fleets known by Frotcom (in gray). The report shows you how your indicators evolved over the last 8 weeks.

Please find attached an example of the Benchmark sample report.

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