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If you want to deassign a Job you previously assign to a vehicle. Let's consider the following situation:

  • You created a Job with 2 tasks.
  • The Job is Pending.
  • You assigned the Job to a vehicle.
  • All the Tasks of the Job are now Assigned.
  • You are informed by the driver to whom you assigned the task to, that the vehicle is malfunctioning and it is not possible to move to the destination.

Resuming, you have 2 tasks to be executed. Both tasks are in Assigned status. It is not possible for the driver to whom the tasks were assigned to finish them. 

In this scenario, you need to assign the tasks that were not finished to another vehicle. This is done by Deassigning the tasks from the current vehicle and assigned them again to another one.

The restriction to the Deassigning action is that in the Job you want to deassign from a vehicle, it must have at least one task with one of the following statuses: in progress, suspended, assigned.
In order to support this action, the Workforce management software version of the vehicle's terminal must be 1.0.1110.0 or higher.

To deassign a Job, go to the Jobs > Active panel and enter the Job details panel. The following screen will be displayed to you. On this example it is the JOB 123747:

The status of the Job depicted in the previous picture is Assigned, since all its tasks are Assigned. Click Actions, located on the upper right part of the panel and click Deassign from vehicle:


The following board will be displayed to you:


Click Yes to confirm. The following confirmation pop-up will be displayed to you:


Now, two actions will occur:

  1. JOB 123747 is moved to History folder and the Job is Canceled:
    All the tasks of JOB 123747 are also canceled:

  2. A new Job is created in the Pending folder, with the non-completed tasks from JOB 123747.
    Inside JOB 123750 are the non-completed tasks:

You can now assign the tasks to another vehicle.

If the vehicle from which you want to deassign the Job does not have Workforce management software version 1.0.1110.0 or higher, the following message will be displayed to you and it will not be possible to deassign the job:

Let's now focus on the following examples:

  1. You assigned Job1 with four tasks. Each task status is:
    Task 1 - Closed
    Task 2 - In progress
    Task 3 - Assigned
    Task 4 - Suspended

    As an output of the Deassign from vehicle action, Job1 is moved to History folder, with the following tasks:
    Task 1 - Closed
    Task 2 - Canceled
    Task 3 - Canceled
    Task 4 - Canceled

    Job2 is created with a copy of Tasks 2, 3 and 4, all with Pending status.

  2. You assigned Job3 with two tasks:
    Task 1 - In progress
    Task 2 - Assigned

    As an output of the Deassign from vehicle action, Job3 is moved to History folder, with the following tasks:
    Task 1 - Canceled
    Task 2 - Canceled

    Job4 is created with a copy of Tasks 1 and 2, all with Pending status.
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