Workforce Management Terminal - Configuration


Before you can run the Workforce Management module, your account must be prepared for that purpose. The following must be done:

  • Your account has to be activated for Workforce Management
    This is done by your Frotcom Certified Partner. Once your account has Workforce Management activated, you will notice some new options on your Frotcom interface:
    • Interact > Forms folder
    • More > Jobs  folder
    • On maps, you will have information about the Jobs statuses.

  • Each tablet's definition must be entered in Administration > Terminals > Workforce
    Including its IMEI (unique identification) and vehicle to which the tablet will be associated

  • Drivers using tablets must have their usernames and PINs entered This is done in Administration > Drivers > Mobile terminal
    The username must be unique. The password or PIN is a 6 digits number. This is the username and PIN the driver will enter in the tablet to identify himself.

  • Your Frotcom Certified Partner will help you define the forms, task types, and their workflow rules, etc.

To maximize the use of the Workforce Management module, you must carefully analyze with your Frotcom Certified Partner which task types to use, which forms the driver to fill in and with which fields, etc. This is a process that if done correctly will greatly improve your job control and facilitate driver reporting activities.

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