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If you want to add or remove tasks from a Job or change the order of the tasks inside a Job, then you need to edit the Job.

You can only edit Jobs that are Pending, i.e. Jobs in which all tasks are pending.

Go to Jobs > Pending panel, and click on the identification number under the Job column:



The following panel will be available to you:


At the top of the panel, you will have the identification number of the Job. In this example Job 22242.

After, you have two folders:

Folder Description
General Panel that allows you to add new tasks to the job, delete already created tasks, check and change the tasks' order and enter in the task edition mode.
Activity Panel that allows you have a global view of the status of each task of the job.
Map Panel that allows you to visualize on the map the places that shall be visited to execute the job.


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