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To maximize the use of the Workforce Management module, you must carefully analyze with your Frotcom Certified Partner which task types to use, which forms the driver to fill in and with which fields, etc. This is a process that if done correctly will greatly improve your job control and facilitate driver reporting activities.  

Your Frotcom Certified Partner will help you define which stages and interruptions are available for each type of task; and which workflow rules must be defined between those stages and interruptions. As an example, you might want to define a task type named Pick-up goods which will be linked to the following workflow:

  1. Start
  2. Moving to destination
  3. Arriving at destination
  4. Loading
  5. Finished

You may also want to establish that if a driver’s current task stage is Moving to Destination, he will only be able to choose, as a new stage, Arriving at Destination; and as possible interruptions, On break and Refuelling.

This is just an example. The exact workflow rules and possible stages/interruptions are chosen on a case by case basis because they depend on the way each business is organized.

We recommend you to contact your Frotcom Certified Partner to set up the Task typeWorkflow, and Forms.

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