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To access the General panel of the Job details, enter in the job edition mode and select General folder. The following panel will be available to you:

If you want to add new tasks to this Job click Add new. If you want to know more about Task creation, click here

The panel contains the following information:

Column Description

Indication of the status of the task:

And an indication of the order of the task:


Considering the example depicted in the previous picture, there is a total of 3 tasks inside this job and the shown task is the first one. Therefore it is indicated 1/3.

Task type Task type name. If the job has several tasks and all of them have the same task type, it shows the task type. otherwise, it shows Multiple. For more information about task type, click here.
Workflow Last action of the workflow performed by the driver. For more information about workflow, click here.
Where This is where that driver will go to execute the task.
What This is what is the driver going to execute.

The new tasks that you might add to this job, will be displayed in such an order that will come after all the existing ones. For the example depicted in the previous picture, there are 3 tasks, if you create a new one, its information under the Order column would be 4/4, i.e. it would be the fourth task out of four.

If you want to enter in the Task details, click on the blue link under the Order column:


If you want to know more about Task details, click here.


In the General folder of the Job details panel, it is also possible to rearrange the order of tasks inside a job. If you want to know more, click here.

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