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In the What folder of the New task panel, you are able to define information about what the task is. The following panel will be available to you:

It contains the following information:

Field Description
Task type For more information about task type, click here.
Reference This is an identification tag to be defined by you, to identify the job to which this task is attached. This is usually an internal code known only inside your company. If used, the content in this field must be unique. 
Products/Service This is information related to the product or service this task is about.

This is the quantity related to the product or service. First, click Click to add link and specify a number corresponding to a number of products that is linked to this task. After, on the combo box, define the metric you want, from the existing ones. For instance, if you are transporting 3 pallets, enter "3" and select pallets from the combo box.

Note that the only mandatory field is Task type.

When you are done with your modifications, click Save, on the top right part of the panel:


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