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The Jobs feature is split into three folders. One of them is the Pending folder. It contains all the Jobs which statuses are:

  • Pending

To access the Pending folder of the Jobs feature, go to the Jobs panel and select Pending folder:



Each displayed row is related to one Job.

This panel contains the following information:

Column Description
Job Internal automatic serial unique number corresponding to the job.
Tasks Number of tasks that constitute the job.
Type Task type name. If the job has several tasks and all of them have the same task type, it shows the task type. otherwise, it shows Multiple. For more information about task type, click here.
Date Date/time of the last actions of the workflow performed by the driver.
Where Task destination. If the job has several tasks and all of them have the same destination, it shows the destination. Otherwise, shows Multiple.
What What to transport in the tasks. If it is equal to all tasks in the job, it shows what is to be transported. Otherwise, shows Multiple.

The information in this column is based on the definition of When in the task:

  • If the option In scheduler, use SLA from destination place is selected, will show this text in the field;
  • If No time restriction is selected with an Exclusion date, will show a clickable icon File.png that opens a popup with the detailed information;
  • If a Time tolerance or Time range is selected, will show the Arrive date and the clickable icon File.png;
  • If there are more than one task for the job with different values for When, will show the text Multiple;
  • Will not show any information if No time restriction is selected with no Exclusion date.


To the left of the Job column, on each row, you have available a ticking box:



By ticking one or more of these boxes, you are selecting the Jobs and enabling the Delete and Actions functions. In case you want to select all the Jobs displayed, tick the ticking box next to the Job column on the header row.


After ticking the desired Jobs, you will be able to click on the Actions combo box:



You will have the following Actions available:

Actions Description
Assign to vehicle Send the Job to a vehicle's terminal.
Generate route Available in the future


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