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The Jobs feature is split into three folders. One of them is the History folder. It contains all the Jobs wich statuses are:

  • Closed
  • Rejected
  • Canceled
  • Closed with restrictions

To access the History folder of the Jobs feature, go to the Jobs panel and select History folder:



Each displayed row is related to one Job. The status of the Job is displayed on the left part of the concerned row. For instance, when a job is Canceled, Frotcom displays:



The panel contains the following information:

Column Description
Job Internal automatic serial unique number corresponding to the job.
Tasks Number of tasks that constitute the job.
Task type Task type name. If the job has several tasks and all of them have the same task type, it shows the task type. otherwise, it shows Multiple. For more information about task type, click here.
Workflow Last action of the workflow performed by the driver. For more information about workflow, click here.
Date Date/time of the last action of the workflow performed by the driver.
Assignment Vehicle assigned to the job.
Driver Name of the driver or drivers, if a team.
Where Task destination. If the job has several tasks and all of them have the same destination, it shows the destination. Otherwise, shows Multiple.
What What to transport in the tasks. If it is equal to all tasks in the job, it shows what is to be transported. Otherwise, shows Multiple.


You can use the search box, located in the upper-left part of the screen to look for some tag. Additionally, you can also user the calendar filter, driver/vehicle filter, and status filter, to select what is displayed in this screen:


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