Receive an assigned route


When the office sends a route assignment to your NAV, the number shown next to the My Stops icon will be incremented and a flag icon will be shown on the top right part of the display:

By clicking on the Flag icon or on My Stops folder, the following display will be available to you:

On this case, the route assigned to you has two destinations. But it can have only one destination or several. Each destination indicates a leg. Therefore, a single route can be composed of one or more legs.

By clicking on a destination, you can see the information your fleet manager sent you:

Your fleet manager is able to send you, for each leg, the following information attached:

  • Address of the destination of the leg (e.g. Feb 14, 12:29)
  • Estimated time of arrival (ETA) to the leg' s destination (e.g. Estr. Camarária Cachoeiras Cadafais, 2600, Portugal)
  • Free text message (e.g. Call central when you arrive at the destination. Drive safe)

In order to start your progress to the destination, click on the hamburger menu, located on the top-left part of the screen () and the following menu will be available to you:

By selecting Go!, your terminal will show you the path to follow:

In case you have been assigned a route with several legs, when you arrive at the destination of one leg, perform similarly for the remaining legs.

Deleted/Updated routes

The drivers will receive a message on their Garmin PND device when an assigned Route is Updated or Deleted:



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