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If you have subscribed the Advanced Routing with HERE Maps service, Frotcom can calculate the toll costs for the trips to be executed by your vehicles. Therefore, after calculation of the best path between two or more locations, you will see the following screen:

To obtain toll information, select the Tolls folder on the Bottom panel:

After that, the Bottom panel will display the following information:

Now, if you click Export all tolls, you will be able to export the detailed data which Frotcom gathered from HERE Maps. Hence, you can fine-tune the calculations according to your own options, in Excel, for instance. 

Note that the toll costs provided by Frotcom are an overall estimate, based on data received from HERE Maps. Be aware that frequently, the costs estimated will not match the real ones, for different reasons, such as recent toll price changes not yet reflected in the system, special options such as costs depending on the time of the day, the number of passengers or mean of payment chosen, to name but a few. 

Also important to notice is that in the case of passes valid for a period of time (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly or annual pass) Frotcom will show a "*" character and will not consider the corresponding cost in the calculations.

Focusing now on the following example:

We are able to export the following detailed report:

In this example, it is considered that the user set GBP as the preferred currency.

The report contains the following fields:

Fields Description
Toll cost Cost of the toll suggested by HERE Maps converted to the currency as defined in Administration > Account > Region > Currency.
Currency Identification of the currency of the Toll cost field.
Toll name Identification of each toll hypothesis, as considered by HERE Maps. 
Cost Cost of each toll hypothesis as considered by HERE Maps. 
Cost user currency  Conversion of each toll hypothesis as considered by HERE Maps, to the currency as defined in Administration > Account > Region > Currency.
Payment methods Ways of payment: Cash, Bank card, Credit card, Pass/subscription, Transponder, Video toll charge, Exact cash, Travel card.
Other conditions Additional comments/considerations regarding each toll cost/payment.

All conversions stated in the detailed report are performed by HERE Maps.

Moreover, you might also find situations where you have more than one toll for the planned trip:

Considering now the example above, there are two tolls:

  • Toll 1: Eurovignette Denmark (identified in orange)
    HERE Maps suggestion is 31.6 EUR
  • Tool 2: SWE - Malmo (identified in purple)
    HERE Maps suggestion is 22 EUR

Note that the suggested toll cost will come in bold. After, identified in blue, you find the sum of the suggested cost for all the considered tolls.

For situations where there is more than one pass/subscription available, the respective cost will be marked with the "*" char, as stated before:

The cost related to the toll with several pass/subscription options will not be considered in the detailed report:

In these cases, it is up to you to select which option better fits your needs since each option concerns different validity time frames.

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