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After calculating the best path between two or more locations, in case you want to rearrange the proposed path to go through a waypoint without creating an intermediate point, the Rearrange path on maps feature will allow you to do that.

After obtaining the best path between the selected destinations, the following screen is displayed:

Now, by passing the mouse pointer over the calculated path (indicated in blue), you will see a point you can drag:

Now, simply drag and drop the selected point, to the location where you want the path to go through:

Before After

With this action, Frotcom returns the best path from the starting point to the destination(s), passing through the location where you dropped the point. Note that no intermediate destination is created. 

You can modify the suggested path several times, by dragging and dropping as many times as you need:

For every point you drag and drop, Frotcom automatically updates the trip values:

No dragged points Multiple dragged points

Note that if you assign the route to a vehicle with the Send destination only, the guidance point which results from the drag and drop operation will not be sent to the vehicle's terminal, which means that the selected path will not necessarily be followed by the navigation system in the vehicle.

However, if you assign the route to a vehicle using the Enforce path option, the guidance point which results from the drag and drop operation will be sent to the vehicle's terminal and - in case of NAV and Garmin Workforce Management onboard terminals - the navigation system will respect the path you specified. The driver will not see the guidance point as a destination point; the path will simply go through the guidance point.

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