histogram is a graphical representation of the distribution of numerical data. It is an estimate of the probability distribution of the metric selected in the variables panel, for one selected month in the periods panel.

After selecting the metric in the variable  panel, click over one month row on the period panel:

Note that there is no connection between the Histogram and the Graph bar in terms of selected months. Additionally, only already downloaded months are selected for the histogram purposes, i.e. only the months with status icon .

On the right part of the toolbar, you can select if you want to be displayed the information concerning drivers or vehicles.


Just as an example, it is considered the Average mileage (km) metric for the month 2016-05:

The information of your company is displayed in blue. The information of the average values of the matching vehicles that Frotcom knows, is displayed in grey. 

For instance, on the graphic, we can see a peak of the blue lines around 10000 km, which corresponds for circa 16% of the frequency. This means that circa 16% of the trips of your company had, in average mileage, 10000 km.

Additionally, you also see a red horizontal line that states "Fkbvubew 9439.7 km". This is just the name of the fictional company used for the sake of this example and, more important, the company's average value for the selected metric on the selected month. In a similar, in the vertical grey line, you can see the average value of the vehicles known by Frotcom, that match your filter:

Your company average value Frotcom's matching known vehicles average value


If, instead of the average value of your company, you want to match the average value of the vehicles known by Frotcom against a single vehicle of your fleet, you can use the Vehicles/Drivers panel on the right part of the screen:

If on the toolbar you select Drivers on the Show filter, this table table will be renamed to Drivers and show you the list of all the drivers of your fleet. For the sake of the example, let's consider that on the Show filter Vehicles are selected:

For this situation, you will have three average values for the selected month: all your filtered company vehicles, the matching vehicles known by Frotcom and the selected individual vehicle. This last value is displayed in light blue and it is pointed out by the orange arrow on the previous picture.

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