On the Periods panel you can perform the time frame control, i.e. select the months upon which the benchmark analysis shall be considered.

It contains the following information:

Columns Description
Period Month indication

Availability status of the data. There are two options:

  • Data already in cache: 

  • Data not in cache:        


There are two purposes for this panel: the graph bar and the histogram.

Graph bar application

For you to select the months for which you want to perform the benchmark analysis over the bar graph, simply tick the box on the respective row:

If you click on a month for which the data is yet not in cache, Frotcom Analytics will retrieve it automatically from Frotcom's database. During this process, the status icon will turn to  and the loading screen will appear:


 Histogram application

For you to select the month for which you want to see the histogram, instead of clicking on the "tick box", simply select the respective row by clicking anywhere on it. Like it is depicted in the following picture:

Please note only already downloaded months are selected for the histogram purposes.

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