Vehicle infobox - Routes panel


The vehicle infobox is divided into panels. Each panel is a particular arrangement of information grouped together. There are 9 different panels. One of them is the Routes.

The Routes panel shows you information related to routes/trips. Depending on the vehicle situation, this panel provides different graphical representations.


  • Vehicle is stopped without an assigned route


Once you assign the newly calculated route to the vehicle, the infobox will display the vehicle icon at the beginning of the new route:


  • Vehicle is moving without an assigned route

On the left part of the panel you can see:

  • the time of the last departure (00:36 in the example);
  • the trip mileage from departure (49.6 Km in the example).


  • Vehicle is executing a route

The panel contains the following information and values (from the example):

  • Total distance of the route: 8 km
  • Time since departure: 03:52
  • Trip mileage from departure: 6 Km
  • Estimated time of arrival: 16:25
  • Estimated trip mileage until arrival: 2 Km
  • Planned departure: 06:17
  • Planned arrival: 22:42
  • Actual departure: 06:17
  • Estimated arrival: 01:09

By clicking on the route name link (Gnesener str. Route in the example), Frotcom automatically redirects you to the map tracking route mode. To know more, click here.

In this situation, the vehicle’s position along the horizontal line is calculated in terms of % of the path. Frotcom will update it automatically throughout the route’s execution.


If you want to know more about the vehicle infobox, click here.

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