Vehicle infobox - Drivers panel


The vehicle infobox is divided into panels. Each panel is a particular arrangement of information grouped together. There are 9 different panels. One of them is the Drivers.

The Drivers panel has the following display:

Vehicle with one driver Vehicle with both driver and co-driver

On both situations, the vehicle infobox shows the driver’s photo, name and, if available, the driver’s mobile phone.

By clicking on the driver’s name, Frotcom automatically redirects you to Administration > Driver > General.

If you have on your device (PC or laptop) a VOIP (Voice over IP) application, such as Skype, you will be able to click on the phone number shown on the infobox. It will directly establish a phone call to your driver, or co-driver. This can be much cheaper than normal phone calls, especially for vehicles roaming in other countries. Nevertheless, please check the corresponding fees with your VOIP provider. Frotcom does not include any voice call fees nor credit.


If you want to know more about the vehicle infobox, click here.

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