Vehicle infobox - Docking modes


You can visualize the vehicle infobox in two modes: the floating mode and the docked mode.

Floating infobox Docked infobox

In the floating mode, the infobox is placed near the vehicle icon over the map screen:

In the docked mode the box is fixed on the right side of the map as seen below:

So, the docked infobox stays fixed on the top right part of the screen, while the floating infobox opens next to the vehicle marker and you are able to change its location by dragging and dropping it to any new location on the map.

You can change your infobox docking mode by clicking the following buttons:

Icon Description
Floating mode is active. Click to change to docked.
Docked mode is active. Click to change to floating.

Depending on your hardware setup, namely the screen size and resolution, it can be quite positive to work with the docked infobox all the time, displaying extensive information.With the docked infobox selected you can also easily compare information of two different vehicles, by hovering the mouse pointer over a second vehicle marker while keeping the docked infobox on the right side with information of the first vehicle:

Note that the floating infobox resulting of a mouse-over action will not have the respective header options.

If you want to know more about infobox customization, click here.

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